Catalogue, 2018

Art direction and design of catalogue, exhibition signage and marketing materials for the exhibition ”Segerns Pris — Narva 1700” (The Prize of Victory — Narva 1700) at the Swedish Army Museum in Stockholm, October 2017. The exhibition is built around the theme of the great Battle of Narva in the year 1700 and a vast collection of flags taken by the Swedish army, the propaganda surrounding the victory and, ultimately, the defeat. The duality of victory and the horror of war.

Catalogue bound with open spine, 176 pages + cover. 169x239 mm, 4-colour offset with PMS printed cover. Exhibition posters 700x1000 mm, 2-colour offset.

In collaboration with

Matti Schevchenko Sandin, exhibition designer.
Karin Tetteris, editor-in-chief and producer.
Christina H. Tengnér, project manager.
Per-Åke Persson, still life photography.

Bound using a red thread, picking up the vibrant Pantone-colour from the catalogue's front cover.

The typography on the spine of the catalogue is inbound.

Exhibition graphics and signage systems.

The main text for every room of the exhibition was printed on large lightboxes.

Exhibition posters 700x1000mm for advertising sites around Stockholm.